Camping Light
  • Product Name:Camping Light
  • Serial number:xs1210300002
  • Model:PVLED-CK-04
  • Price: none
 About Products:

Camping Light


Main technical parameter:
Battery : 4V / 4AH
Solar module :4w-6w ( optional)
LED: 4.8W / 60pcs of high brightness LED


Product characteristics:
1. Lead-acid battery: rechargeable and free maintenance, with 4000mAH capacity, can be used circularly 500 times above;
2. Use wide Voltage range power supply ,built-in automatic overcharge and over discharge protection circuit;
3. Use super brightness white LED, it can work more than 50,000 hours; with 60 pcs of low power consumption LED lamps , the power consumption 4.8W(max), operation time are at least 16 hours;
4. wide range charging source : DC power adapter and solar power input port , and built-in polarity protection function;
5. You can adjust the LED brightness freely through
rotary switch according to the environmental requirements ;    
6. With hand shank and hook, easy to carry;
7. An emergency light function for city power shut down .



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